Sulphate and Sodium Chloride Free Shampoos*

All Trichovedic shampoo formulations are sulphate and sodium chloride free and formulated from natural glucose and coconut oil derivatives. This not only makes them hypoallergenic, ultra mild and colour safe but ideal for Keratin Smoothing Treatment Aftercare.

Natural Herbal Extracts

Natural herb and plant extracts, matched to specific hair and scalp types, are incorporated in each Trichovedic formulation.

KWS Tri Protein Complex

A unique combination of sheep’s wool derived Hydrolysed Keratin Protein, Wheat and Soy Protein. Formulated to fill, seal, thicken and strengthen damaged, porous hair fibre. Will assist in maintaining the integrity and prolonging the longevity of a Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

*with the exception of KST Deep Cleansing

Trichologically Formulated

Every single Trichovedic formulation has been designed by our founder working in collaboration with cosmetic chemists and then extensively salon tested.

Prescriptive Solutions

Each Trichovedic product range and each individual product and the ingredients in each product have been formulated for a specific hair and scalp type/condition.

Refill Reuse Recycle

A refill system has been developed which allows the packaging to be REFILLED, not merely recycled. This system has the potential to reduce energy consumption used in recycling and significantly reduce land fill.

No Animal Testing

No animal testing has been used in any Trichovedic formulation.

Australian Owned and Made*

Trichovedic Pty Ltd is Australian owned and Trichovedic products are manufactured and filled in Sydney, Australia.

* with the exception of Luxury Keratin Smoothing Treatment