Luxury TrichoPlex® Bridge Repair System

Luxury TrichoPlex® and Hair Colouring and Lightening

Hair fibre is primarily composed of Keratin Protein and the structure of this protein is made up of long chain amino acids which are referred to as polypeptide chains. These chains are intertwined around each other to form helix coils. This can be thought of as the fibres that make up a length of rope.

Holding these chains together are a variety of cross bridges or bonds which contribute greatly to the strength of hair. The strongest of these bridges are the Disulphide Bridges and hair colouring and lightening services can damage and break these bridges.

This results in permanent damage to the hair fibre, colour loss and fade due to the increased porosity of the hair and in extreme cases hair breakage.
Luxury TrichoPlex Bridge Repair System has been formulated to protect and repair the Disulphide Bridges during colouring and lightening services. Containing Acetyl Cysteine, a sulphur rich derivative of the amino acid L-Cysteine, it is specifically formulated to emulate and duplicate the Disulphide Bridges found in hair fibre. KWS TriProtein Complex (Hydrolysed Keratin, Wheat and Soy Proteins) is used to repair and reduce damage and porosity and to add strength. Argan, Watermelon Seed and Hazel Seed Oils are incorporated to moisturise, provide lipid replenishment, shine and protection