Collection: Styling

An avant-garde range of styling tools designed to achieve a myriad of style statements, varying degrees of control and hold whilst promoting hair and scalp health.


Petrolatum – Better known as Petroleum Jelly or Vaseline, it is a highly refined bi-product of Petroleum.

Mineral Oil – Liquid form of Petrolatum.

Microcrystalline Wax – Another refined bi-product of Petroleum.

Lanolin – Produced by the sebaceous glands of wool-bearing mammals, notably sheep.

Glycerin – A bi-product of vegetable fats, used in pure, animal free product soaps.

Beeswax – Natural wax produced by bees.

Ozokerite – Naturally occurring mineral wax.

Diatomaceous Earth – Naturally occurring chalk-like rock.

Theobroma Cacao – The Cocoa Plant from whose seeds we derive cocoa and chocolate.

Sage Leaf Extract – Conditions and strengthens the hair; cleansing, toning and astringent.

Rosemary Leaf Extract – Tremendous natural conditioner. Antimicrobial, toning, retards dandruff. Stimulating effect on the scalp tissue, increases blood circulation.

Peppermint Oil – Cooling, cleansing, stimulating and invigorating; antiseptic and toning it increases blood circulation.